These are a collection of web-based programs that provide important supplemental functions for complete experiment-style problem solving exercises.

Criminal DNA Database

The Cybertory On-line DNA Indexing System is a database of DNA patterns from simulated convicted felons and samples from unsolved crimes. Once you have determined the patterns of alleles for various STR loci in the forensics exercise, you can search this database to see if your sample matches any known criminals, or if you can link your case to any other unsolved crimes.

Compute the number of repeats in each allele to search the on-line DNA database of known felons and samples from unsolved cases.

Please note: any resemblance of these images to persons living, dead, or otherwise is completely coincidental.

Family Tree

The family tree lets you search through the relationships of the people in the paternity testing exercise, to check your DNA results.

This tree is hosted on a shareware program called PerlGED, which is available from its author for a small fee. We use this program because it is small, easy to administer, and simple to use. However, the relationship information is stored in the standard GEDCOM format used by many genealogy packages.

Student Sequence Analysis Tools

These are simple online tools for exploring and playing with various concepts related to biological sequences.