Family Tree

1. Summary

The family tree lets you search through the relationships of the people in the paternity testing exercise, to check your DNA results.

This tree is hosted on a shareware program called PerlGED, which is available from its author for a small fee. We use this program because it is small, easy to administer, and simple to use. However, the relationship information is stored in the standard GEDCOM format used by many genealogy packages.

2. Searching for an Individual

The family tree website opens with a search page, allowing you to “Find a family member” . If you leave the first and last name fields blank, the search essentially maches everyone, and the result is a list of all the family members in the database. Clik on a name to load the information about that person.

Each person's information includes links to his or her parents, if available. If a person is married, the couple will be shown side by side, with links to their children (if any). Anyone who has been amrried before should also have a link to previous spouse(s).