Resources for the Cybertory Project

Virtual Lab Home Page
Includes background, brief instructions, and system requirements.
Virtual lab "Productotype"
Navigate through the image maps to get to the Flash modules and the Java reaction setup and electrophoresis module. Not everything works yet, but you can get some idea of the intended scope of the project by looking at the modules. Some modules may be useful for demonstrations or simple exercises (look at the fly lab on the third floor!)
Demonstration modules
Small standalone demonstration modules that may be useful in the classroom.
BOGUS Database
The world's leading repository for simulated microarray data.

Under (re) construction

BobCo Catalog
The world's leading supplier of virtual equipment and reagents.
Virtual Yeast Microarray Images
This is a static set of simlulated images reverse engineered from the public miocroarray dataset of the Eisen Lab using the teaching chip design from Malcom Campbell of GCAT.
Open Source Software
Software tools developed under this project that may have academic or research utility outside the scope of virtual laboratory exercises. All of these projects are open to collaboration; we welcome input from scientists (and educators) as well as from programmers.

Please send questions or comments to Dr. Horton (